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What Is Generative AI? How Does It Work?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a subset of AI that analyzes existing data and generates new and original content using machine learning algorithms. Generative AI is used in various fields such as health, education, defense, media, agriculture, mining, finance, marketing, customer service, software development, gaming, art, and writing. The most popular examples of generative AI software are ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, and DALL-E. 

You can think of generative AI as the next step in the evolution of AI. This technology can perform tasks that traditional AI cannot achieve on its own. For example, it can generate realistic images and sound recordings, or create literary or technical texts by learning a language. It is possible that in the future, this new technology which significantly enhances our interaction with technology and the internet, will be regarded as a milestone development, comparable in importance to the invention of the internet. 

How Does Generative AI Work? 

Generative AI models are trained on big data sets, learn patterns and relationships that can be used to generate new and original content through this data. Since the model progresses from simple to complex, the quality of the generated content can be easily checked. 

Most Popular Generative AI Applications 

  1. Text: Text is the basis of generative AI models, especially language-based models such as Large Language Models (LLM). LLMs are used in different areas such as article writing, code development, translation, and understanding gene sequences. 
  1. Audio: Generative AI models have revolutionized the way people create and consume audio content, making it easier and more accessible to everyone. They have made it possible to produce music, voice, and speech sounds via text inputs. They are also employed to create background sounds for videos, such as ambient noise, sound effects, and music scores. 
  1. Visual: Generative AI has proven to be a useful tool for generating videos, 3D images, graphics, and avatars. Its remarkable ability to create and enhance visual illustrations has made it a vital asset in the industry. 

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