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Cookie Policy

  1. General Information

Various cookies are used by SST Teknoloji A.Ş. (“SSTTEK”, “Us”, “We”) on the Website (“Website”) owned by Us. This cookie policy (“Policy”) is related to the cookies that we use on our Website and is intended to explain to users (“You”) the types of cookies that we use when you visit the Website, as well as their purpose.

A cookie is a small text file obtained through the website you visit, allowing the person or company who placed the cookie to obtain information about you. Cookies are generally used for purposes such as functionality, performance, marketing activities create general usage reports, or to ensure that users are remembered.

  1. Purpose of Use with the Cookies that We Use

Some of the cookies that we use are mandatory within the scope of the services that we provide to you. Some  of the other cookies that we use are only used as long as you give your consent. The cookies that we use in this context are:

  • Cookies that we use as mandatory:

These cookies are mandatory for the use of our Website and often do not contain personal data. Your consent is not sought in the use of such cookies.

  • Cookies based on your consent:
    • Cookies we use to improve functionality: These cookies are used to increase the functionality of our Website, such as ensuring language selection by region. These types of cookies are used based on your consent.
    • Cookies we use for performance purposes: These cookies are used to improve our Website and make improvements. These types of cookies are used based on your consent.
    • Profiling or targeting cookies: With these cookies, your transactions are recorded while visiting our Website and your behavioral habits are analyzed so that we can provide more personalized advertising. This also enables us to show you more personalized content. These types of cookies are used based on your consent.

However, we also use the following cookies according to their lifespan. These are:

  • Persistent Cookies: These types of cookies are those that are assigned to your device and used throughout their validity period.
  • Temporary Cookies or Session Cookies: With such cookies, each of your visits is specifically assigned and the lifespan is the duration of your visit. Such cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

Finally, we use our own cookies and third-party cookies on our Website. These are as follows:

  • First Party Cookies: Cookies placed by SSTTEK on the Website and used for purposes for our own products and services.
  • Third Party Cookies: Cookies placed by third parties other than our own Website, whose purposes and methods of use depend on third parties.
  1. Procedure for Removing Cookies

Cookies are placed on our system through the browsers you use. Users can delete, block or re-approve any cookies used, stored, processed on our Website by methods that vary according to the browsers they use. According to the browser you use to visit our Website, you can make the mentioned transactions from the links below.

When you revoke your consent to cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of our Website or use them less efficiency.

If you are using a different browser than the one above, visit the developer page of your browser.

You can use to turn off Google Analytics cookies in all browsers.

Thiş Policy has been executed on 01/04/2023. SSTTEK reserves the right to make changes to this Policy. You can always access the current version on our Website.