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Corporate Values

A company is only as good as the values it embodies through its employees. Our guiding principles that help us function as a team and work towards our common business goals are simple, yet strong.

Be honest and open minded görseli

Be honest and open-minded.

  • Be willing to offer and receive constructive feedback.
  • Admit when you do not know something, rather than give incorrect information.
  • Do not assume things – ask for clarification when needed. Measure twice, cut once.

Seek to improve continuously.

  • Seek to learn somethings new every day. Improve yourself personally and professionally.
  • Solicit feedback from your colleagues and managers on a regular basis as to how you can do better and bring more to your role.
  • Meeting standards is not enough. We must pursue standards or excellence to whatever extent they are achievable.
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Be a team player.

  • Take ownership of your tasks and your role but remember that you are part of something bigger and that we all work towards the same goal.
  • Offer help when you see your coworker struggling and remember to ask for help when you need it too.
  • Be an engaged and active listener as well as communicator. Follow established processes to minimize repetition of work and increase transparency.
  • Respect others as well as their time.
  • Try to be a problem-solver when you see that there is an issue, rather than complain about it.

Propagate a culture of inclusivity, positivity, and excellence

  • Do right by your colleagues, customers, and your company.
  • Celebrate your coworkers’ successes as much as your own because anything worth talking about is rarely achieved alone.
  • Do not spread or encourage rumors – a positive attitude goes a long way in contributing to overall success.
  • In every interaction with others, remember that you are a brand ambassador – regardless of your role within the firm and conduct yourself accordingly.
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As an employee, you are a corporate representative of SSTTEK Inc and as such should always ask yourself questions such as:


What positive or negative effect could my actions have on myself as well as the company?

Are my actions consistent with the company’s core values?

When in doubt about any action, escalate to your manager or HR representative.


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