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How to Manage a Remote Team Successfully 

The remote work model has become prevalent across various sectors after the pandemic. Even after quarantines ended, some companies continue to work remotely, considering it more effective and sustainable. 

Many companies successfully continue their remote or hybrid working models, especially for departments for which remote working is much more attainable, such as information technologies (IT) and digital marketing. However, leaving aside the discussions about its efficiency, remote working undoubtedly causes some difficulties in team management and communication. Let’s take a look together at how team management can be conducted successfully in remote working teams. 

6 Tips for Managing a Remote Team 

The main reason why working from home makes task management challenging is the lessening of direct communication and collaboration. This difficulty can be compounded when managers have to spend most of their day in online meetings. However, some tips and strategies can help you improve your remote team management skills. 

  1. Clarify Your Expectations 

It is important to determine your expectations from team members, both in the short and long term, and try to be as clear as possible when doing this. Remember that no one can read your mind and figure out your expectations unless you state them clearly. If needed, you can repeat these in moderation and hold regular meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

  1. Prioritize Open Communication 

Establishing honest communication with your team about time management and work progress is crucial. Since the conditions and challenges remote workers face may differ, they should feel free to contact you directly in case of issues like an internet outage or problems with their child. 

  1. Feel Free to Check It Out 

As a manager, you need to be informed about the progress of the tasks you assign to your team members. Especially when working remotely, there might be communication disruptions and details that could be overlooked. In this case, you can confirm the status of the work by asking team members without resorting to micromanagement. This way, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and the project is moving forward as planned. 

  1. Appreciate Achievements Publicly 

It’s important to show appreciation to every employee, but it can be challenging to celebrate their efforts and achievements while working remotely. To overcome this challenge, you can pay more attention to their successes and acknowledge them in public channels or online meetings. 

  1. Respect Your Team’s Time and Work Hours 

Be transparent about working hours and respect your team members’ time outside of working hours. In cases where extra work is required, you can notify team members in advance and select those who are willing to work overtime. Don’t forget to give credit to those who put in extra effort and are willing to work extra hours. 😊  

  1. Above All, Trust Your Team 

The final and most important tip for managing remote teams is to trust your team members. When you build a culture of mutual trust and respect in your team, you can effectively and healthily implement the previous tips and see their positive effects. 

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