GPT-4o to Revolutionize How We Use AI!

OpenAI has taken a big step towards natural human-computer interaction by introducing the new artificial intelligence model GPT-4o, which can process audio, visual, and text inputs in real time. Let’s see what it can do! 

  • GPT-4o is faster and closer to human speech compared to its previous versions; instead of converting speech to text first, it can directly listen to voices and respond to audio inputs in less than 232 milliseconds, which is similar to human reaction time in a conversation. 
  • GPT-4o excels in tasks like understanding complex texts, generating meaningful responses, creative writing, and overcoming language barriers. It can differentiate between tone variations, produce different types and tones of sounds, and perform real-time translation among 50 languages. 
  • GPT-4o can also take on a personal tutoring role, potentially ushering in a new era of artificial intelligence in education. We’re talking about an educational model that can respond to you in your desired tone of voice, create personalized lesson plans for students, provide instant feedback, optimize educational materials, and even scold you when you make repeated mistakes! 
  • It can analyze visuals and distinguish emotions from facial expressions. In the healthcare sector, GPT-4o’s ability to analyze visuals could greatly benefit diagnosis and treatment processes. By analyzing medical images, it could detect potential illnesses or provide more accurate diagnoses by examining patients’ medical histories. 

According to information shared during OpenAI’s launch event, GPT-4o’s text and image capabilities is currently accessible to all ChatGPT users. It will be offered for free due to its more cost-effective nature compared to previous models, with paid GPT-4o users having access to additional capacities. 

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