Project Manager - SSTTEK

Project Manager

Join our dynamic team and play a key role in the software projects of our innovative technology company. We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and continuous improvement.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Defining and clarifying the project scope, developing the project plan, determining deliverables, and evaluating what will and will not be included in the project’s scope of work.
  • Identifying project needs, identifying required resources, team members, and other departments that need to be involved to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Coordinating team effort, assigning tasks, providing direction to key project players, and keeping everyone motivated.
  • Establishing a schedule and project timeline, ensuring each phase of the project remains within budget and project progress is reported.
  • Implement and manage changes in line with project outputs when necessary, and lead quality assurance for deliveries.
  • Controlling and documenting the progress of the project from its inception to its completion, evaluating each phase of the project and its final results.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Confidence to lead a team, maintain motivation and create a positive environment for innovation within the team and project.
  • Be resourceful and forward-thinking in overcoming bureaucratic obstacles and reaching potential resources in other departments.
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and create an open environment where challenges are openly shared and discussed.
  • Excellent decision-making and leadership skills with the ability to tolerate stress, reduce risks and solve problems.
  • Strong negotiation techniques to ensure appropriate budget, timeline, and scope for company leadership.

Preferred Certificates:

  • PMI-PMP (Project Management Professional)
  • PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I)
  • PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner)
  • CSM (Certified ScrumMaster)
  • DASM (Disciplined Agile Scrum Master)
  • DASSM (Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master)

    I have read the Clarification Text for Employees and Intern Candidates and I approve the information and documents I submitted for the application to be processed, protected and transferred abroad for this purpose.


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