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Impact of Intelligent Process Automation on Business

Many companies attach importance to the management of automation processes in order to simultaneously increase cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty. Many automation programs provide significant convenience at all stages. And progress in digital is developing more rapidly.

This is where intelligent process automation (IPA) comes into play. Believing that this will be the next generation operating model of companies, many companies benefit from the cost advantage.

Intelligent process automation;

  • Automates 50 to 70 percent of work,
  • Turns 20 to 35 percent annual work into cost efficiency,
  • Reduces direct processing time by 50 to 60 percent,
  • Increases return on investment over 100 percent.

Conveniences of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an emerging set of new technologies that combine basic business processes with machine learning. It is a suite of business process improvements and next-generation tools that help the employee by eliminating repetitive routine tasks. It enables companies to save a great deal of time and interaction in workflow and reduce costs by simplifying interactions and speeding up processes. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to increase the profit margin of the companies.

Intelligent automation processes mimic activities performed by humans and learn to do them even better over time. Traditional arms of rule-based automation are driven by decision-making capabilities thanks to advances in deep learning and cognitive technology. In this way, improved efficiency, increased employee performance, reduced operational risks and improved response times provide great benefits to companies.