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SSTTEK Academy Intern

SSTTEK Academy invites dedicated individuals who aspire to grow professionally, establish a strong career foundation, and are eager to learn.

We welcome applications if:

  • You are a third or fourth-year student enrolled in related university courses, in search of a compulsory internship as part of your academic requirements,
  • You aspire to enhance your skills in the realms of education management, technology, and business development,
  • You possess strong organizational and communication abilities,
  • You can work in our Istanbul-based offices,

Take the next step in your career with us and submit your application today!

    I have read the Clarification Text for Employees and Intern Candidates and I approve the information and documents I submitted for the application to be processed, protected and transferred abroad for this purpose.


    SSTTEK is hiring!

    Come join our exciting team and help us build a smarter tomorrow.